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Some Quick Butt Ribbon Sales!

Alright, for straight sale I have to following Suicune plush:

(do ignore the candy topper figure)

This is a US vending kiosk PokeDoll, which comes mint and complete with hang tag. The tag does have a couple creases, so if you are worried about a mint tag please note that. I am looking to get $15.00, that is before shipping and fees! No, I will not sell the plush for $15.00 shipped, so please do not ask. Also, I am not open to trading at this time!

As for shipping costs, if you are in the US it will run $2.87 (that includes fees). If you are in the UK you are looking at a shipping cost of $6.32 (that includes fees.) If you live elsewhere, just let me know and I can get you a quick quote. Shipping does not include tracking or insurance, those of course would be extra.

The PokeDoll is SOLD!!

Up for auction today I have something I am very hesitant on selling:

Yes, this is the Tomy Shiny Suicune MC+ figure!

Starting Bid - $15.00
"Buy It Now" - $50.00

 I am really wanting no less then $40.00 for the figure, before shipping/fees! Of course, I a still willing to consider the highest bid...

The Tomy MC+ figure is SOLD!!

My Auction House Rules, Shipping & Payment:

Auction starts today, 12/04/2011 and will end 12/11/2011 at 2:00pm (14:00pm) EST!

Here is a timer, though it is in military time:

Serious bidders ONLY!

When bidding or placing an offer, please place it in the appropriate thread! If someone else has a bid/offer then please reply to their comment! If this is not done, then your bid/offer will not be counted!

No sniping! If it gets down to the wire and a new bid is place, I will extend the auction by 10 minutes, this is only fair...

As of right now I can not accept a payment plan, sorry!

Auction prices DO NOT include shipping or fees! I am in the US... All paid items normally will be shipped out on Wednesday of each week, for I rely on someone else for transportation! All items come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have 2 cats and their hair has a mind of its own! I try my best to clean all items and packages of cat hair, but if your package still comes with some, think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya! XD

My Feedback:

Here are links to all of my pkmncollectors community feedback threads:

Oldest Thread
Newer "recently closed" Thread
Newest Thread

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask...;)

I also have some TCG auctions coming to an end on eBay:

One card up for auction is the rare Japanese Shiny Suicune, only 1,000 were made of the card in question! The current bid is way less then what I originally paid for the card too!!
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