Mana Mihara (mana_mihara) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Mana Mihara

small sales

Hi guys! I have some small sales today.

Sales permission granted by lineaalba.- I ship from the United States. I can ship internationally.

- I only accept PAYPAL.
- Prices are all in USD. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
- Payment is expected within 24 hours of confirmation that you would like the item.
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages and cannot provide a refund. I would be happy to have the package insured and/or tracked if you are worried about risk.
- I allow holds only up to 24 hours.
- I will not do transactions via PM. Please only comment here.
- I reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.
- All items come from a pet friendly home.
- It may take 2 weeks for me to ship out your items.

MWT Pansear MPC - $10
MWT Mudkip Canvas - $20
Shiny Suicune Charm - $12
Shiny Blastoise Kid - $10
Shiny Grovyle Kid - $10
Shiny Flygon Kid - $45

MWT Large Pokemon Center Mijumaru (prefer to ship him only within the US) - $120

I also have these eBay auctions running:
Tags: blastoise, flygon, grovyle, mudkip, oshawott, pansear, sales, suicune
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