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Grails + First Sales Post!

Hei guys! Yesterday I got my very first SMJ box in the mail and my very first grail! :D  And when I opened it I found these beauties!

Eeee! I paced around the front door all day waiting for this!

So pretty! *o*

Dat original packaging.

I seriously love the box art <3

You're all so pretty! Hello there sneasel! <333

The crew.

Together at long last.  I've been after this sneasel since I first started collecting [February 2011?]  I saw one for sale on an ecrater site before I joined PKMNCollectors and was in love with it. I bought it but it turned out that I later found that the seller was in fact the notorious scammer/banned member MimiHottie18.  Luckily for me I was able to find her Deviantart account and bug her till I got my money back =/ 

But anyway, I got my very first grail!  Thanks to [info]bluehyaku for sending me the Y!J auction link! :D  I had to win an insane bidwar, and wake up at 4AM to snipe a sniper, but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

And now, I have some sales for you guys :3  This'll be my very first sales post so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong xD;

I was granted sales permission by [info]dakajojo on 03/17/11

I only accept PAYPAL. If using an e-check, your items will not be shipped until the payment has been processed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping (unless stated otherwise).
I can do holds up to 48 hours. If I receive no reply after 48 hours then the item will go back up for sale. 
No PM deals please. If you want to buy something, comment here.
I ship from the US and my home is smoke-free and pet-free.
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Upon request I can have them ensured and/or tracked.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to any banned member[s] and/or anyone accumulating a large number of negative feedback.
My feedback thread can be found here.
All community rules apply

Smeargle TOMY - $7
Grimer TOMY - $4
Muk TOMY - $3
Bellsprout TOMY - $4
Weepinbell TOMY - $3
Victreebell TOMY - $4

Toy Factory Pika Plush - $5
Absol Figure w/ Razor Ball - $4
Norman V-Trainer - $1 or free with purchase
Mudkip Figure - $1
Mew Cell Strap - $2
Drifloon Cell Strap - $3

Pikachu and Starters BW Sticker set: $1.50
Mudkip Evolution Card: $2

And now...It's time for some auctions!

Up for auction are rare 4th movie tomys and 8th movie metal swings!

Auctions will end on Thursday, December 8th at 12PM PST (countdown here)
Please bid in the appropriate thread.
Bids must be in reply to the highest bidder or they will not count.
No sniping, all community rules apply.

These are rare 2001 TOMYs from the 4th movie.  They're pretty hard to find and are posed differently than their other TOMY counterparts b:

I took singles of each pokemon for your covenience :3

Cheeky Pikachu - Starts @ $10 (Thread here)

Coy Larvitar - Starts @ $15 (Thread here)

Serious Scisor - Starts @ $10 (Thread here)

Cranky Tyranitar - Starts @ $10 (Thread here)

Sassy Celebi - Starts @ $10 (Thread here)

Sweet Suicune - Starts @ $20 (Thread here)

Next up are these rare 8th movie metal swings!

Lucario - Starts at $15 (Thread here)
Mew - Starts @ $15 (Thread here)

Thanks for looking!  Look for a sneasel/weavile collection update coming soon to a post near you!

Please wait until all threads are up to post.  Thank you. Ready. Set. Go.
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