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Meet Up/Mini Collection Update/Display Question/Old Item Question


a few things on this post:) please click below to read how the AZ Meet Up went, to see a few things added to my collection(NOT vulpix! :o ), some help on displaying something old, and another old item i found digging through a box last night:)

Item 1: AZ Meet Up!

it went really well! i personally was late:( :( 10 minutes late! i don't have a good reason to be late either......i only live about 15 to 20 minutes away from the theater! when i got there most everyone was already there hanging out chatting. i had already purchased my ticket, so i handed the guy my card i purchased it with and got my goodie bag. i really liked that they did this. see pictures below what was in there. about 10:00 we headed in to go get our seats. we sat in the row right in front of the bar.( I liked sitting here for putting my feet on the bar:) i usually seat way in the back) i sat on the end and after everyone sat, i slipped out to get popcorn and a drink:) i stopped by the movie poster to take a picture of myself in front of it( i read that the company distributing the movie was having a contest to send in a picture of yourself in front of the poster.) i went and got food and on my way back a old couple was in front of me and they went into the pokemon movie! i was shocked but was thinking maybe they where there with their 10:30 the movie started! yay! okay. i really liked seeing the movie on the big screen and i really loved the music. oh and l liked seeing so many different pokemon in their animated form, but the PLOT. wow. not one of their best at all. PLUS the way they said the word "macaroon"!! i think we all cringed every time it was said. after the movie i wanted to keep saying it wrong to be funny, but i couldn't think how to say it wrong. oh and apparently humans can breath in space......when you see the movie, you will know what i am talking about.

after the movie we talked for a bit and then decided on Red Robin. i sat near to janovi and magicalondine. i sat near a few other people, but i don't know their user names, sorry! :( we split a appetizer and just talked pokemon mostly. it was great! i loved talking to people about pokemon who know as much if not more than i do:) i know the other side of the table there was battling going on, but i didn't bring my DS:( :( i am not sure why i didn't!! next time i will. i think we where at Red Robin for at least an hour and half. after we where shooed out, someone mention going to Bookmans in Mesa; i was very excited about the idea! i love that place and rarely get to go. a few people had left, but still a good size group was going. we got there and split up and meet up a few times through out the store. i know a few people found some goodies. i got a plush making book and a magazine for my mom. we ended the meet up there because it was getting kind of late and the Tuscon people had a drive ahead of them. i was able to say goodbye to most everyone and we all agreed to meet up again soon! i know a member here really wanted to go, but wasn't in town and mentioned hopefully we could meet up in January. i have PMed them to see if they know a date that would be good for them. we can go from there to see how the date would be for everyone else:)

i had a great time meeting new people and sorry i didn't talk to everyone( i can be fairly shy; i am good if someone starts talking to me, but me starting the conversation is a bit harder sometimes) and i am sorry i didn't take any pictures. i had plan to! i am shy about taking pictures too; i know some don't like having their picture taken and some don't mind at all. i hope to take pictures in the future:)

me in front of the poser(which was almost blocked by a video game cabinet!) i guess pokemon isn't the most important movie to put out where everyone can see the poster easier;)

Item 2: Mini Collection Update

Here is what was in the goodie bag the theaters gave out:

A jumbo Victini Card, pamphlet, a sticker, and preview to the Black and White manga
**anyone want the preview to the Black and White manga? $1 plus shipping.

nice close up of the card. is this card made in a set? if so, which one?

i also wanted to include a few pictures of the really cool genga set i got from Gin! :) i know most of you have seen pictures of it already, but i still wanted to share:)

it came well shipped! in a folder, with cardboard behind it and then those two things in another folder.

so cool to have something like this! i didn't think i would ever own a actual sketch of anything! and in this set there are 8 or 9 different sheets! i am only going to show two though.

my favorite one of the set:)

Item 3: Display Question

look what i found digging through a box last night!!

oh my gosh!! flash back! especially the Blue version for me. i am so glad i saved the boxes:)

my question; does anyone have a good way of protecting and displaying these at the same time? i know about shadow boxes, but they are heavy and expensive. suggestions?

Item 3: Old Item Question

who remember these!?

BK cards that came with the toys!

i have the WHOLE set. my mom knew a manger of a BK then and she got my brother and I a set each:) would anyone be intrested in buying the cards indivually? i would charge a $1 each plus shipping.

that's it! a long post for me. sorry my meet up report was so long. :) i hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend and a great week! :D
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