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Auction / GB reminder + small sales!

Sorry for posting a lot recently  ^_^;

Okay let's start this post with a reminder of the Monthly Pokecen Pikachu Auction.
Auction will end on Wednesday 12 noon GMT +8.    -  Countdown timer here  -

Pika with pom-pons and Pika with fruits still don't have a starting bid D: They are crying so please bring them home!

I have also uploaded some photos of the tags. The pictures on the tags are beautiful!

Let's go to the auction post to have a look on the pictures! :D

Secondly a reminder of the Movie Finger Puppet GB
Deoxys still doesn't have a claim. It's only $8.64 shipped everywhere (including all fees) Go claim it if you love Deoxys! ;D

Click the following link or picture to the original GB post.

Lastly I have a small sales of a few items including zukans and plamo.

- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 25/09/2011
- I accept paypal only.
- I ship from Hong Kong and I ship internationally via standard airmail. You can add $2 for a registered mail which tracking is included.
- I am not responsible for any item lost or damage.

Clear Zekrom / Zekrom movie charm - $4 shipped each / $7.5 shipped for both
Reuniclus movie charm - $6.5 shipped
Magby / Magmar Zukan NIP - $18 shipped

Lucario zukan - $8.5 shipped
Registeel / Regirock zukan - $6 shipped each / $10 shipped for both

Piplup line plamo - $16 shipped

Tags: lucario, magby, magmar, magmortar, pikachu, piplup, regice, registeel, reuniclus, sales, zekrom, zukan
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