DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Desperately need/want! XD

Ok so I just managed to snag this beauty:

And of course now I'm after her last trio partner:

I don't need the normal colored one as my boyfriend has purchased all 3 of the normal ones from sunyshore (OMG I LOVES HIM) so I'm after the shiny variant. I missed out on an auction for him T-T and he went for $30 plus shipping and so I'm offering $35-$45 shipped PLEASE :)

Finally after this elusive guy (bought the suicune from hardrock...yea I finally caved in to Brian XD) he said he'd inform me if he could find me a Raikou but I'm a legendary dog collector on full throttle so I'd love this guy in my collection to again complete my trio:

Here is also my pokemon lot on eBay (now much cheaper than before): it's way less than what I definitely paid for all the items. I soon will be posting my collection update in which I'm selling my ENTIRE black and white collection and will be advertising the eBay link. Sorry for those who have been waiting for my post on my collection update (my collection's just so big it takes forever to get pictures -_-") So yea! Thanks for looking :3
Tags: raikou, suicune, wanted
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