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Movie 14 "goodie bags" up for grabs


Ok, I'm letting go of these bags that I got yesterday from seeing the movie (Since it's all Victini stuff and I don't collect him at all. I was hoping for some dragon stuff... and the manga doesn't count). I figured there may be people here that are more interested in these than I am. So yeah, there's two here up for grabs! BTW, the movie was really good (At least I thought so). :D

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

Both bags have everything in them:

Victini Pokedex 3D AR Card
Pokemon The Movie White Sticker
Pokemon BW Manga Sampler
Victini Jumbo Trading Card
And other advertisement sheets

I'm asking $10 shipped for them each ($11 shipped outside of the US). Both have been sold

*I'll delete this post shortly if I'm not supposed to have a post this small*
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