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Dana [AKA Juuchan]

Movie Weekend & a couple of wants...

Hey there all!

It's been a while and I still have yet to take a good enough picture of my collection yet [I have to find all of my collection first...], but I do have something to show off -

Like many other Pokemon fans [or at least the ones with theaters close to them], I went to see "White: Victini and Zekrom" over the weekend, so I had to make something special to not only show off, but also to show my love for Pokemon... and this is the end result!

Bad picture, I know, but that's a "finished-while-the-paint-dries" shot. All painted with fabric paint and a simple brush. When I post my collection of plushies and other merch, I'll have the dried version for show! I just wish I had a shot of it in the dark - parts of it glows! I was supposed to have a Victini charm I made attached to one of the zippers, but I ran out of time to bake it... and after I finished, the idea to add the little wings to the bottom came into my mind too, but lack of time. Oh well, maybe I can make that my next bag? I might sell it too.

I took my talking Pikachu and my Tepig with me, so they got in a picture with me at the movie poster! Yay, souvenir photo! However, I didn't end up getting the little goodie bag that other theaters were giving away, but I found out that I'm not the only one who did. I sent a note to the movie distributor and to the theater manager [as they were supposed to have them, but they never arrived. Wat. At least I tried, but I don't mind if I don't get the goods.], so at least they know about this! Other than that one downside, I still had a great time and enjoyed a great movie. There were kids and adults there, so that was wonderful. Not many teens or twenty-somethings like myself... I know there's some Virginia people here other than me that probably saw it, right?Also, did anyone else make something special for the movie screening, or was I the only one?

Now, my current WANTS. Basically, I am seeking out:
- Battle Frontier items [if any exist; Hoenn preference, but any would be excellent~<3 Customs would be nice to see too. Actually, did any company make BF merchandise other than TCG League items?]
- plushes of Swablu, Tepig and Victini [I'm not picky, but I do have price limits. Hope that's ok.]
- any Mesprit items [Eeee, do want. A plush or a charm are high on this list.Again, price limit.]
- Battle Coins [from the official English release of the PKMN Trading Coin Game; any other than these three are what I'm looking for. More pics are located in that same gallery.]

Please show me what you've got and what you'd like to sell [if you want to, that is]. I am interested in buying [for once; whenever I receive approval to sell, then maybe we could trade?]! Thank you for reading and I've missed you all~

- Juuchan ♥
Tags: custom, mesprit, plush, swablu, tepig, victini, wanted
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