Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Oh yay.

My TRU are stopping the 3-packs with FR/LG ;_____; So, I decided to snap up the last two packs. I was excited enough with Exploud. And then.....

And to think, I originally had no plans on buying them. I also got a new binder too, with Infernape, Empoleon & Torterra.
Now, I really want to build a deck up - Because I'm hoping to get down to the nearest league near me (A whole 1 hour 30 minutes drive away, yay -_-) and battle.

SO - CARD PLAYERS - What would you recommend for a water/dark deck?
I'm interested in buying too, but I really don't want loads of Ex & Lv. X recommendations just yet. Obviously, I also want them to be tournament legal, so older cards from the Gym sets are a no-no.
If anyone has any Absol cards, regardless of set or language, I'm interested in them too, possibly :3
Tags: articuno, exploud
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