x_xjokerx_x (x_xjokerx_x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Recently hunting for...

I still want Banettes for my collection, so I've seen a Zukan set with Shuppet and Banette, as well as Tomy figures and Kids,

THIS has been on my radar for some time: http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj29/Twilmer/pokemon%20collection/big%20update%20yayayyaya/153.jpg?t=1257111699 the Banette charm (someone else's image)

Any idea how much one of those will run for, or where I could find one?

In other news, I still need a gift idea for this >guy< and he likes Blastoise, Tyrannitar, and Gallade. I want to draw him a picture but A little something would be great. If you have any items that would be awesome for him that can get in town in the next week please let me know!

I has no boi skillz
Tags: banette, blastoise, gallade, tyranitar, wanted
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