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Collection Update Part 1 (Super Image Heavy)

FINALLY! A collection update! Well part of one! I'll have to be posting another one soon XD anyways, to Gauge interest:

P.S. If I need to delete my other post from ealier today I will. And can you imagine if I forgot to put all this in a cut XD

I just can't bring myself to organize my Kanto figures. I have a million and one tomys and other figures. Blah. Anyways. Let's start with the black and white dex:

Remember! Everything Here will be put up in a lot on eBay for sale! (minus the tomys and the bisharp pokedoll) for about $575.

I forgot poor Bisharp XD
Onward to Kanto Plush (I can't bring myself to do my figures so they'll be in part 2

I haven't seen these lights too often. There's some on eBay but the person selling them are missing some covers and some of their covers are missing tails :C otherwise I'd buy more strands.
Onward to Johto!

Forgot my poor Amphys! D:

Honestly, I really dislike togepi, but that welch's jar has to be one of my favorite pieces in my collection! I know there's a ton on eBay but I've never really seen one still with their lid! :)
On to HOENN!!!

I hate how bad this picture came out >.<
On to Sinnoh!

Poor little forgotten guys XD And you can probably tell I've greatly decreased my Sinnoh collection.
Here are some random other photos of other more "specific" collections:

My doggies, however can you spot the new guys? :D I'm actually going to be updating these guys again REALLY soon. I just snagged the Shiny Suicune MC+ figure and if I'm REALLY lucky, the lovely rachelled will be passing the shiny Raikou my way! *fingers crossed* Plus some chupa chups from Brian along with Suicune's clipping figure :) Here are the newcomers (it's getting really crowded for these guys, I really need to give my main collection some space -_-"

Absolutely georgeous in my opinion :3 The MC+ is so detailed and lovely <3 I can't wait to get the other 2 (come on baby! I need that Raikou XD)
And here are my pokedolls and Canvas all together to end things off :) thanks so much for looking and keep a look out for part 2! Let me know if you'd be interested in GAing the Unova collection and I'll post them to eBay with their own separate pics so to not add confusion.

All my canvas are Minty :) only 2 without tags are Amphy (tushy tag only :C) and Growlie (his tag is just detached) I made a smart move with that Raichu canvas. His little feets are TO DIE FOR!!! <3

You know you're jealous of that flaming bright Flareon ;P

Tags: collection, eevee, entei, figures, mew, plush, pokedolls, raikou, skitty, suicune
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