Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Annual PKMNcollectors Winter Contest!

Welcome to the slight revamped Holiday Winter Contest!!

According to preliminary results, many folks responding to the 2011 census want to see more contests on this community. I think some more uniquely flavored member-sponsored contests would also be fun to see :) but so far Halloween and Holiday contests have been something we've done every year since this community began, and they always get such a huge turnout of entries and votes I do believe they are enjoyed... :D

Why do I change the title from Holiday to Winter? Well, what if we had one of these photo contests each season? It would be the official community sponsored contests -- along with perhaps some more bell plush contests... ;) -- and it would make them more frequent than twice a year. I also invite Australians to deliberately go against the grain and post entries reflecting what season it is for them... :D Let me know what you think. :D


WHAT!: Take your toys, and get them into the winter and holiday spirit! What do you do in winter to keep warm or make peace with freezing snow and ice -- or the searing dry heat, if you are Australian? ;) This group of Plusle and Minuns build snowmice :D What will your Pokemon do to enjoy winter? Your goal: appeal to the masses! Take the best and most creative photo, and all the entries will be judged by the community!

HOW: Take your photo or photostory. If you do a photostory, pick ONE of the photos that will be voted on by the community in a poll. When you post your entry make sure to use the CONTEST tag or it won't be included in the voting!

WHEN?: Get your entries in by January 25th (no specific time limit, just get them in before I put the poll up on the 26th)! This should give you time to possibly make your entries maybe even while some snow is on the ground :D

WHY?: Because the winner gets a Pokedoll or some similarly priced item from the Pokemon Center shipped to them free of charge! :D Not to mention the joy of contributing to the holiday spirit!

Post any questions here but remember, your entries must be posted as separate posts with the CONTEST tag!! :D

-Only one photo/entry per member will be accepted into the official vote.
-You can photoshop your entry.
-You can use custom made Pokemon! But I recommend against creating a custom item JUST for this contest - it's not a contest about art skills :) Try to use custom goods you already have if possible.

Enjoy, citizens!

Tags: contest
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