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Re intro and some wants!

Wails. Glorious, beautiful wails.

I neeeeeed them.

I guess you could also say this is a reintro. I'm now 24 and I started seriously collecting about 2 maybe 3 years ago. I remember being in about... 6th grade when I saw my first Pokemon card. I think it was either charmander or ponyta. I tried to collect the cards, but never learned how to properly play. Then pokemon got "stupid" and "uncool" so it kinda just went away for a while. I still kept my cards and looked at them every so often. Then the new games came out, friends were starting the revisit old things. When Pokemon came back up, I was thrilled. I started getting more cards and actually started to learn how to play! Turns out I was missing out on all the fun when I was a kid.

Since joining this community, I've made a few pokemon costumes. I've made a Luxray mascot, Ninetales mascot, and a Zubat hoodie. My BF is currently working on a Vulpix mascot.

Today I collecting mostly Gengar, Leafeon, and a few Ninetails and Vulpix things for my boyfriend. When the new Gen came out, I was a little apprehensive but have since fallen in love with joltik while my boyfriend has fallen in love with Zorua, Zoroark and tepig.

After the new time plush came out, I realized a love of a 'mon that I had kept hidden away and secret.. Wailord. I mean look at him! He is amazing!
Because of his sheer amount of awesome he gives off, I have a burning need for a Wailord time plush. I've tried quite a few times, and things always keep happening that make me miss out.

So I have a question.. does anyone have a spare one or one they are selling now/soon that I might be able to purchase from you? I would love him and snuggle him and give him a handsome name.

Oh poor skitty.

Wailord time plush - HUGE WANT
Wailord zukan - middle want
Wailord kids - probably best for my wallet

If you guys know of any other merch that has my beloved featured, please let me know!

(Also, you can get in contact with me at 6reycat@gmail.com if you are still waiting on anything. I still want to make it right so PLEASE contact me.)
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