Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

pokedoll 2006 Christmas cloth auction!

It's that time of year again! I have today a beautiful Pokemon christmas cloth! These pics do NOT do it justice. It is gorgeous.
It is 17"x18". The folds can be ironed out.(and the flash makes the shadow really dark, its not that bad) It was stored for its whole life :( Its immaculate! Colors are great!

I'll have some xmas pokemon mugs soon <3 Gotta find 'em again XD

Starts @ $25
BIN $75

BIN overrides starting bid unless the bid is up past $50. Then I think its unfair :/
Shipping in in the USA is $3.50 (shipping $1.71, Package $1, fee $0.75)
BIN gets free delivery confirmation if in the USA

All community rules apply.
Any questions please ask. No sniping please!
Payment is due no longer than 3 days after auction. Please ask before bidding for special arrangements.
Auction ends this Saturday, 12-10-11 at 6PM central time. When Judge Judy is on, the auction is over!

Glaceon jakks is for size reference!

Tags: aipom, auction, bidoof, bonsly, buizel, chatot, chimchar, drifblim, electivire, glameow, happiny, lucario, manaphy, meowth, mime jr., munchlax, pachirisu, phione, pikachu, piplup, riolu, roselia, starly, stunky, turtwig, weavile
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