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Hello all! and collection 1st view :)

Hello! I was getting sad on ebay expecting to find rare TFG like the groundbreakers for month but nothing, then searching pictures on google i found this place :) so glad i did! So hello to all! and nice to meet you! I collect mainly pokemon TFG figures, but i'll also start getting some zukans. This are the groundbreakers i have so far:

Thank you donny9 for your help to make the image smaller :)
I bought the 2 starter sets of groundbreakers on ebay, then when i didn't found anything else, i search in local stores and saw noctowl, since then i search and found woobuffet, larvitar, slaking kabuto and xatu. I got Lairon on a trade with mamath :) so happy with this figure! and Venusaur is on the way thank to a trade with zefiru. Two wonderfull trading experiences, so hope to too more in the future and get my collection growing.

And here are all the next quest figures o have, i though they were more :P but some are on the way and hopefully will arrive harmless. Just got mudkip, groudon, absol and kyogre before taking the pick, so they are still in their packages

I should have done this like a month ago but i'm slow :P next time i'll take pictures of some zukans i start to buy and my jakks figures. Hope the cut works. See you!!!

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