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Shipping update, and a small price check :3c

To those who have brought something from my previous small sales post, I've shipped your items yesterday! According to the post office, it seems that yesterday was the last day for Christmas mails >v>

I've lowered some of the prices a bit in the sales post too, so feel free to check it out again~
Here are what is left after the first wave:

(Click here or the photos to transfer to the sales post!)

Also...a small price check for some glowing items! OwO

(Can't take a proper photo to show how it glows in the dark :u)

(This Totodile Cellphone Antenna Accessory is supposed to glow when there is a cellular signal nearby, but then I guess few people use that kind of old cellphones anymore ._. )

(Aaron's wand!)

I think that the Mew glowing keyring is supposed to be really cheap (I've seen the glowing Pikachus in sales post for around $1-2), but I'm not sure about the other two.
I've found some sales post in this community selling the Chikorita Cellphone Antenna Accessory for around $10, and Aaron's wand for about $15...But since they never got sold, I have no idea for how much they actually worth >v> Any ideas?

And...here is a derp Magikarp to end this boring post:

Found this poor guy on Taobao =v=
Looks like someone was being really careless when making the Magikarp Pokedolls...it's missing the fins and its tiny mouth! ;w; Let's hope I can figure out how to add them back during the Christmas holidays...
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