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A visit from st Nick.

Hello everyone. LJ has been screwing up of late and i havn't been able to upload any pictures. Its a little overdue but here is my little update. When I got these, it felt like it was christmas morning. Not only did i get something new, but something that counts as a grail.

In honor of my newest get i thouht of something special to show them off!

okay so picture the scene: You are a young trainer just about to recieve your first pokemon from Professer oak. here are three pokeballs each containing a pokemon.

Professer oak: 3 pokeballs choose your pokemon young trainer

Bulbasaur: the seed pokemon-

Charmander the lizard pokemon

squirtle the tiny turtle pokemon.

yes i got the three kanto starters from Gin! I always have had a soft spot for these guys. Ever since i played red i just love the kanto gang.

Another big box- containing my holy grail. I think this one counts as a grail. As you guys know one of my faverite pokemon is dragonite. Ever since Red, i have always had one on my team. When i realised this one existed it quickly become my highest want. In the past month or so no less then 5 have appeared. Every single one i lost out on. It either ended really early in the morning or the seller won't ship to the UK. This fella was the last one. I watched him like a hawk. I placed my bid- then right at the moment i put my highest ever bid- someone tried to snipe. Luckily I won. ( one week later 5 more just ranodmly appear)

I hate customs. look at that box! Its all squished. ( he got through customs ok though!) its like somethong sat on him! Good thing he is a plush.

a href="http://pics.livejournal.com/dragonrider49/pic/00062xd7/">

yep a dragonite pillow. This is Ajax the giant dragonite. I feel so happy. Sereiously like chrsitmas come early!

size comparason. Little frisby the canvas and Ajax! Frisby is soo tiny.

Thanks for reading.
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