vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small collection update and small wants

so i received some items in the mail yesterday and thought i should do a collection update hehe.

1st is my Minccino Pokecen plush. I won this cutie in the Blackfruitbat GA.
 isn't that the cutest face and pose ever?

Next are my flareon and jolteon pokedolls. I recieved them from wildtentacruel as a trade. i made them a sandshrew ball plush and a baby kangaskhan plush.

I decided to put them with my vappy pokedoll. now i have the original 3 vees =] even tho they are booties (except vaporeon) i still love them. i love now bright and orange flareon is.

now onto my small wants list:
-gothita plush -tomy and pokedoll- (any condition, tagless or tag preferably tagless)
-blitzle tomy plush (any condition, preferably tagless)
-sewaddle tomy (finally got me hehe, any condition preferably tagless)

i would prefer a trade as idk if my dad is going to give me money for my bday or what he will do i might ask him to let me choose my bday present and have a certain limit. but let me know if any of you have these and how much they would be with shipping to 85268 fountain hills, AZ.

thanks =]
Tags: collection, flareon, jolteon, minccino, plush, pokedolls, vaporeon
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