Don't press Alt & F4! (johtofire) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't press Alt & F4!

♫ All I want for Christmas is Pokemon ♫

If you read the title, you'll probably know this is a wants post, reason being that people want to know what I want for Christmas, and the response is always "uhh..."
SO! Pokemon it is :D (fine by me...)
Right guys, here goes...

FLAMELESS Cyndaquil Shoulder buddy

27cm Oshawott UFO or DX Oshawott UFO

Plusle Pokedoll

I would rather not make people pay more than $30 before priority shipping, which I will pay. If that sounds too little, please let me know and I may reconsider :)
If any of these pictures are yours and you want them taking down, I am so sorry and I will delete them immediately if you let me know x
Tags: cyndaquil, oshawott, plush, plusle, pokedolls, wanted
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