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A much wanted Dialga finally obtained!

I know it's only been a few weeks since I posted my last exciting Dialga get (the movie sticker box that completed my movie theater goods collection), but I guess I've just been lucky lately, because I just got another of my top 10 wants in the mail!

I originally discovered this item just over 2 years ago. It was listed on eBay, but I thought it was kind of expensive for something still in stores ($30), so I made a post here asking if anyone could pick one up for me for less. A number of people replied, and some said they'd checked their stores with no success, and in the end no one had one to offer. A few days later I went ahead and bought out the eBay auction.

...and then shortly after, the seller messaged me saying, "Oops, this item is actually out of stock, it was a mistake in the listing! We actually only have Palkia. Do you want him instead?" I said no, got my refund, and that was that. I can kick myself for not having bought him when I first saw him, but really as far as I know, he could have been sold out already by the time I first found him.

I thought since it was an American toy, it would pop up in somebody's sales post, or maybe an eBay lot GA, or a new member would see my want list and say "Oh yeah, I have that, I'd trade it for a Pokedoll or two". But as far as I know, it never did - and my eBay search expired (and was renewed) without finding a single result. It sat near the top of my wants list for years with no new information or leads.

Then finally, just over a week ago, eBay sent me a message that something matching its description was listed. The title seemed an exact match, and I clicked the link to find the very item I'd been searching for!

The start price was very cheap ($5!) but there was no buyout, so I threw down a low bid and hoped that nobody would drive up the price to spite me. Thankfully, nobody did, and I got him for less than $20 shipped! Today he arrived, so I just had to make a post. Say hello to my Jakks Remote Control Dialga!

Jakks Dialga Remote Control Figure

You might be thinking, "All this drama over a Jakks toy?" and yes, the other Jakks Dialga are all pretty common. But Jakks's distribution is often really wonky, and some toys just don't show up. (Real Attack Garchomp is a good example of this!) In my searching, I saw tons of Shellos and Bidoof, and several Palkia and Darkrai from this series, but Dialga just was not there. After a while, I'd thought maybe he was a 2007 release, and that's why I couldn't find him in stores or shops by the time I realized he existed in 2009, but the box says 2009! Why are your releases so uneven, Jakks?? I was checking toy stores regularly by then, and so were tons of other people in community. Why did you not show up?

Anyway, as to the toy itself! I'd thought from the photo I had that his face would be kind of derpy, like the European candy container I was pretty surprised when I opened my box and saw this:

Jakks Dialga Remote Control Figure Packaging Back

Woah, that's actually a pretty well done face there, Jakks! And unique, too! I tried to get a photo of the figure itself, but the packaging has that annoyingly reflective plastic that makes it difficult. I'm undecided about whether I will open it - all my other Dialga figures are opened, and his packaging is kind of dented and creased, but it's also got Dialgas all over it and I know how rare he is, so for now he stays unopened. (The last figure I was really hunting for, Bandai sound effect Salamence, is also still in his box for the same reasons.) I'd like to find one loose so that I could display that with my other figures, but given how long he took to find I don't think there's much chance of that!

In the course of searching for this figure, I came across and was pointed to the other wheeled Dialga figures many times. (On eBay, you might think the American release would be more common than the Japanese one, but nope!) For reference, I took a picture of him with the other wheeled Dialga figures I have:

Jakks Dialga Remote Control Figure with Japanese Wheeled Figures

In addition to the new guy in the back, from left to right we have:
Japanese Remote Control Figure (comes in a set with Palkia, and has a Pokeball-style remote)
Choro-Q Car (also Japanese, and with a pullback mechanism)
Mini Choro-Q Car (also Japanese, part of a 711 promo in 2008 along with Regigigas, Shaymin, etc)

As you can see, he's pretty different from any of the Japanese releases, especially the cloud he's on. He looks a little bit like a mix between the mini Choro-Q and the regular one, but the mold is definitely different from either.

There is also a 2009 car on a blue base (this guy) but I couldn't find him for the photo - I think he must still be in a box from my move a few months ago, whoops! His base looks pretty different anyway, though.

Anyway, that's all for today! Thanks for reading this far! And now I have to figure out where I'm going to put him...
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