cluw (cluw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini update

So I haven't actually been updating my gets lately...
Because I haven't gotten enough stuff to show!

But I decided to gather my newest stuff from last month, since I got a new package today.

So additions to my Hoothoot/Noctowl collection; Noctowl Kid and Hoothoot Pan sticker
And additions to my water monkey collection; Panpour Battrio (I still need the white/blue one) and Panpour Pan sticker.

The Battrio coin was from a GA, but for God's name, I can't remember who held it. xD
Hoothoot Pan sticker was from a GA too, if I remember correctly.
I can't even remember who sold the other items to me lol.

Oh well!
Here, have a sales plug:
Tags: collection, hoothoot, noctowl, panpour, sales
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