Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Look at my cards! (and sales)

I should note that every fighting-type card I have is in a mini binder and is kind of a pain to photograph. So I will photo that later!

This first section features Dunsparce!


Only missing a few things!

Now... Raichus! As you can see, I appear to be missing two of these. They are sitting in an Australian house currently, waiting to be shipped.
My next goal is to replace every English card with a Japenese version (not holding my breath for a Great Raichu...)


Well, that English-only-art card won't be replaceable... but everything else!

Some misc cards!


Do you see that gameboy TCG card thing? That's a flip card. It was given out at an ooooold tour (Stadium was being previewed, Mew was being distro'd, and there was a Gameboy tournament) back in '99 or so. Somehow, it hasn't fallen apart from being flipped around.



I gotta be honest, I'm not sure why there's a blank space after Surfing Pika... It is a mystery. The other blank space, however, is for the Pokemon Center promo I hope to shove money at someday.
However, go back to those Mews.

The non-holo was being given away at a bookstore, and every time we went to the mall I'd go get me a card. But one time... I got a very special one.


Not any more valuable, but it is my special thing. Regularly cut card next to it for reference.

A few promos, a few non...


The three Japanese cards are CD promos, an AWESOME Vileplume Southern Islands card and...

Wait a sec.

What are those at the bottom?


These I keep because the US never saw these arts. Because Misty is... well... not wearing a shirt...

And the Moomoo milk looks uh...

Are you weirded out?

Do you need a second?

Okay, let's move on.


Many of these are just special to me in some way.

Even those Rocket's Moltres.

ESPECIALLY those Rocket's Moltres


Remember Tuesday night trading days at Burger King? That's where I got the Moltres on the far left. I thought he was cool, and it was a cheap trade because well... look at that condition.

Well, I had a little booklet that translated cards through Gym series. And I loved his attack/power, so I used him in a deck at a league. He was awesome.
Naturally, I felt like getting a non-beat-up copy of him, and I couldn't say no to an English copy!

And lastly, pre-release promos.


And dark Eeveelutions. I do need a Dark Flareon in Japanese, though. For some reason I've always wanted the trio.
The pre-releases are from every pre-release I've been to (Raichu is in the Raichu section!), except Gyarados who was from a TCG tour yonks ago.

The last page is some Snap cards and POP promo holos. Nothing special enough for a pic.

And if you did or didn't wade through all of that, I updated my TCG sales (and just a normal sales reminder)

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