Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

FIRST OF ALL! people have been asking: SUNYSHORE WILL BE UPDATED ON FRIDAY! i have a ton of amazing stuff including the ORIGINAL EIGHT GYM LEADER BUTTON BADGES, official from TCG league japan, also giant pins of the legendary beasts, lugia, ho-oh, mew, mewtwo, and more! not to mention tons of chupa figures and pokemon center 10th anniversary goods! also starting tomorrow i will be auctioning off the BUTTERFREE BELL PLUSH. it was not for sale, well, now it must be. so be ready to bid if you are interested!

YAY!!! i was watching this all week, and I WON THIS!!! AAAAH!!! its so frikkin amazing!!
i needed a place to keep all my extra electric stuff - boxes and mint in package things, books and puzzles i still look at/play with occassionally but didn't want to throw out... now they can stay in this awesome backpack, which i can hang on my coatrack. looks great, holds stuff! :D

so now i have: raichu backpack, hand-made luxray backpack, and this backpack. my school bag, camera bag and plaid bag also all have raichu and luxray and other electrics all over them. anybody else have an awesome official pokemon backpack? personally i think most of them are so ugly... but this one i couldnt resist.

BUT... it was in a lot of a whole ton of crapola i just do not want. XD so i turned around and relisted the lot on ebay minus the backpack. take a look if you are interested! the stuff is all in america, so it won't be a ton to ship if you are in the USA XD i don't think most of it is stuff this community would need for any collection, but i figured i might as well mention it. :D

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