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Hi guys. :>

Hey everyone, just wanted to let people know I'm not a troll! Well, not the bad kind anyway. I love trolls. Tusks <3

Anyway, I figured I'd post my (rather modest) collection just for the fun of it~

I've had this binder since 2000 (I was 12 then, and it was gift from my mom with a booster pack). It's seen better days, but I can't bear the thought of replacing it. It's full of all my cards... I was about at 75% complete before B/W came out... All my alternative art cards are in a separate (new) binder. And yes that's a Promo Pikachu hanging out on that box in the background. Don't ask.

The giant Pikachu was a gift from my best friend when was in the 7th grade. The medium one was from Burger King circa 2008. And the small figure my brother found for me in a donation drop box (he used to drive a truck around and empty them out). The Entei came with that tin box.

The scyther coin is as old as my binder, I don't remember where I got it. But it spins! The others are just random coins I've collected over time. My brother found me those cardboard ones.

And last but not least, my old magazines! The shiny orange "Feel the Burn!" Pojo is from 2000, the "Girls of Pokemon" 2001, the Suicune one is from 2001, and the other two are from 2002. And all their pages intact. <3 It's fun to go through them and see what used to be the "hot items".

My collection isn't very large, although some of it pretty old, but I adore it all just the same. Oh, I also have a pair of Pikachu jammie bottoms XD

Love to all my fellow collectors!
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