Prinsuuuu (lucklessprince) wrote in pkmncollectors,

4th Movie TOMY + 8th Movie Metal Swing Auction Reminder

Hey guys! I just wanted to post a reminder of the auctions I still have underway.  Up for auction are rare movie TOMYs from the 4th movie and a Mew and Lucario metal swing from the 8th movie! The bidding ends tomorrow at 12 PM (countdown here)!!

The TOMY are poised differently than their other TOMY counterparts (such as the howling Suicune, cheek Pikachu, and shy Larvitar) and most are at their starting bids or have no bids at all!  And I believe that I haven't even seen the Mew or Lucario movie metal swings before :3

Don't miss your chance to snag one of these awesome TOMYs/Swings! Come and bid~!! :D

Click the pictures to be transported!

And to make this post less boring, take a look at my newly created wants list!  Be warned beforehand though, that it is pretty image heavy xD; I'm still wanting for my pose-able Weavile figure to arrive [estimated around Monday] before making a collection post. Look forward to it in a post soon~! :3 
Tags: celebi, larvitar, lucario, mew, suicune, tomy
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