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First Sales Post~

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you my first pokemon collectors sales post, complete with lots of fun goodies to be bought~

I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11

I ship from Beloit, WI
Shipping(Including fees and such) starts at $2.50
Paypal Only, NO e-checks.
I am okay with haggling as long as it's within reason!
I may consider trades, but I'd prefer cash!
Once things have been mailed out, I am not responsible for lost packages!
Also, I do have cats and dogs!
Please ask if there is anything I have left out! :)

Okay, so these lovelies are up for sale because I decided to revamp my collection and TRY to only collect specific Pokemon! Also.. I need to save up money for the holidays because I've spent so much since coming onto this site V.V

I've been told that the 'Tomy' figures in the post are bootleg, so please be aware of this before you make your purchase if you are wanting the official item, thank you! ^^

I also apologize that some of the photos came out REALLY bad. If you need better pictures, please don't be afraid to ask!

Now onto the fun part~


Chupa Figures! $7 a piece, if you don't want the pokeball, I will take $1 off the price! :)
Braviary SOLD!

I am pretty sure these are all bootlegs! (Diglet and Dugtrio have paint smudges on them, they are .75 cents a piece, all others are $1)

Diglet spinner - .50 cents or free with the purchase of the Diglet and Dugtrio figures

McDonald's figures! $3 a piece

Selling James was a tough decision, but I didn't want Jesse.. They belong together ;~;
Jesse and James - SOLD
Ash - SOLD

Eraser Wartortle(has some discoloration on him) - $1
Eraser Mewtwo - $1

Lapras - $2
Torchic(I can't get him to stand well) - $1
Pichu - $1
Swablu - $2
Gallade - $1
Charizard - $2

Minifigs - $1 a piece

Clear Celebi(missing wings) - $3
Regular Celebi - $2

Dialga - $3
Zapdos - $1
Heatran - $3

Blastoise(not great paint job) - $1
Squirtle - $1
Marshtomp(Slap action? LOL he is parted in the middle and if you twist him he swings back around) - $2
Marshtomp(doesn't stand) - $1
Combusken - $1
Turtwig, he is from a mystery candy ball from Deb's a few years ago! - $5

Castform - $2
Gyarados(damaged) - $1
Magikarp - $1


Nidoking $3



Dragonite is missing one antena and appears to have her eyes not painted.. pinsir's arms are broken, Blastoise's water cannons are broken and he's really derpy, and carvanha has no base! These came to me in this condition and I want them in homes they can be better loved!

BK Mantyke plush

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