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MASSIVE Sales Update and GSC Zukan 1 Payment 3 Due

Hey guys, my Noppin box just arrived so first up is the GSC Zukan 1 Payment. I am doing this instead of herar because of what happened to my box. Well to cut the long story short, I didn't know that packages worth over $400 would be charged GST (Or VAT) , similarly, noppin didn't put an invoice so my package got detained at the customs center. I had to drive across half of Singapore to pay for the customs charge and lug the box back home.

So firstly, my apologies to the members but you will have to pay extra due to the customs charge so I've added that to payment 3, split evenly among all members. On the bright side, everything is minty fresh :) Well that being, here is the payment information:

(also if you want evidence of customs charges I can give it  to you just PM me)

- Send all payments to minun_pro@hotmail.com
projectlivewire - $12.17
truxor - $8.53
intervivos_2 - $8.53
byakuya - $12.90
herar - $14
chaos_21 - $12.90
papaiyacoffee - $12.54

Next up, I have added A LOT of items to my sales post including 200+ Kids (At low prices), a few zukans, some banpresto and Pokecenter Plushies (Whimsicott & Entei Pokedoll). Due to the late arrival of my box, I will be delaying my auctions to after my vacation so stay tuned for it :)
Tags: kids, payments, sales, zukan
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