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homecoming sales, wants, etc

Hey all~ I have just returned home after a nice long stay with my wonderful boyfriend, whom i miss already. ._.
During my absence, I had done a bit of thinking and decided to sell of a bit of my collection(s) so i can start saving for me and my darling to move out together next year. As heartbreaking as that is, but it's even more heartbreaking being away from him..<3 I'm not tossing out EVERYTHING, but i am slowing winding myself down to my Groudon, Kyogre, Gen3 Kids, and Swadloon collections. Everything else will be going (except for a few random plush and things) ANYWAY! Sales.

I have LOTS of kid figures for sales since i've gathered so many extras.
plus i've dropped prices and lots of things are $1 or less.

Click here or click the banner to go to my sales.

I am willing to trade anything for the gen3 kids I need (which can be seen in this post), and anything from my general wants (here.) as long as you have the proper amount of feedback, so feel free to ask for trades!

Second order of business; as do not plan to make a custom commissions post yet, my etsy shop is also open again. I make lots of cute Pokemon hats, plush and that sort of thing. I will gladly take on custom commissions, but please be aware that I am a simple plush maker at this point and simply cannot handle difficult patterns. So you can ask, but there are things that I just CANNOT do, so if I turn you down please don't be offended, I just suck. D: I am MUCH better at hats and can do nearly anything. 8D You can either purchase from my etsy, or directly through me, just let me know. 8D
OR, feel free to suggest projects for me to do! I need to practice my plush skills and if you give me good suggests I just might try them out (and fail xD). Of course I won't do them any time soon, since the holiday rush is keeping me busy!

That's all for now. My next post will be a post about my grail(s) *.*
ALSO i apologize if i get a tiny bit slow in replying, i'm trying so hard not to be all mopey and sad dljdslkjslgkj.
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