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multi purose post

All items from my sales have been shipped :) I hope they don't take too long to deliver. The post office was a madhouse today, and I've noticed myself how shipping times are already bogging down. Also, how are you fellow USPS digging this new extended shipping time to First Class? :/

I can haz TY Snivy? I've really wanted one of these guys since they came out, but I was hopping the price would go down. I'm looking to get one for $10-12 shipped. I'd love to have one of these poking its head out of my stocking this Christmas. :)

I can't help but notice since I've been here that some people here have been selling parts of, if not the whole, of some of their collections. It has made me wonder, why do you guys collect? Is it an investment, a hobby, or a love for certain Pokemon? I for one collect the Pokemon I do because I love them and love seeing them in my home, but I do leave tags intact just in case I ever had to part ways with them.

Shameless sales plug :

And finally, I'm hoping to have a collection update posted after the new year. My Lugia collection has had some amazing additions. I've run out of room for both them and my Snivy's but I just can't get enough of them. ^_^
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