Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Random gets post

Because why not?

A few things came earlier this week and my bunch of GA items came today! I finally have my clear mantyke kid and I've been really looking forward to the big tin!

It's so cute! Wait a minute...


I'm guessing it got bent up a bit in the post? It was actually a lot worse originally than pictured, but I managed to push it out a bit with my fingers. The metal is pretty thin so I think I'll be able to push it it back into place for the most part. Still, just a bit disappointed with that. :c

Oh well, it'll still look good in my audino collection!

And of course sales plug and card sales plug
Tags: audino, mantyke, mareep, mew, quagsire, wooper, zoroark, zorua
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