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The Green Album: Math + N = Dot(promo + 2)

Now for the collection update you've probably not really knew was coming so you couldn't really have waited for it!

Warning: MANY pictures below the cut, which is a spy!

Dot Promo 2!

Watch pics:

Stickers and memo cube:

Once I receive my second memo cube I can open it and show what the paper looks like inside, but from what I can see from the sides, the paper is green with a checker/square pattern like on the cover.

Phone strap:

Unlike the watch, this strap is insanely small.

Bag/"travel" items:

A close-up of the pattern used:

Handkerchief/hand towel:

Faceplant figure!:

Be sure to check your figures when you get them; mine actually broke the peg of the stand off! :0

It's still in his foot! xD

Now he spins around on one peg xD

Clear files!:

You can see the pins I got in this picture, too xD

Back of the N clear file.

Hey that not what happened in my game!

Walk walk walk MINE walk walk walk

Character mug:

Top of the box.

The pattern repeats, so N is on the mug twice (8 if you count the rows).

The stickers in action!:

Thanks for looking! :D If anyone got a Dot Promo 2 figure and doesn't want the base, I'd be more than willing to buy it from you! xD And if anyone has the N pin they're selling, please let me know also! My other wants are here!

Thanks again! :D

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