minhimalism (minhimalism) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas Time Sales~

Hello community! Today I bring you some rare Pokedolls and some newer ones as well!

  • I will only accept Paypal as payments. E-checks may be accepted, ask first!
  • Please ask for a quote if you are interested in an item.
  • I ship from Texas, USA.
  • Please allow me up to one week to ship your items out, I am attending university and this takes up time! :P
  • I will only hold an item for 24 hours, after that, it goes on to the next waiting customer.
  • If you would like shipping insurance, please ask!

Here is the bigger version of the picture! I can provide more upon request.

Shadow Lugia Pokedoll - Good condition, slight pilling, no tags - $20
Blaziken Pokedoll - Good condition, slight pilling, no tags - $80 OBO
Swampert Pokedoll - Very good condition, very slight pilling, no tags - $80 OBO
Weavile Pokedoll - Very good condition, not many signs of use - $20

Pokemon were purchased through the Pokemon Center Online Store before it closed so they are indeed legit! (bringing this up because of the usual Lugia bootlegs)

Zoroark Pokedoll - Mint with tush tag, $18
Zorua Pokedoll - Mint with tush tag, $18
or, take both for $30 c: They belong with each other~~

I also need to get rid of this lot. Shoot me an offer for individuals / the whole lot and I'll consider it! They're all in good condition. Please don't lowball too much on the rare ones ;]

Tepig and Snivy Patches - $8 each

Oshawott sold, sorry!

Hope everyone's having a happy holiday season.. enjoy c:

Oh and I'm always open to trades/partial trades from my wants list:

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 9/25/11

EDIT: Also, what the heck are these?! I bought them off eBay because they looked curious..

Tags: figures, pokedolls, sales
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