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Zukan Weeding Sale

well i've decided to cut out some of the zukans in my collection. i do want to thank everyone whose sold zukans to me but i might have to be getting out of this zukan collecting game.

So i'll be taking offers on some specific zukans starting at the lowest i'll accept, and will continue to take offers for a few days, no specific cut off.

so here's some of what i'm weeding out:

these are being sold together, since the squirtle in the blastoise line is actually from the special movie zukan on the left, figured i'd just include the incomplete one with the other
start offers at $30

Each one of these will start offers at $5
conditions are 'as is', a lot of incorrect bases and pegs,if you want to know specifics ask me bellow.


Here's the rest of my collection which I'm more hesitant about selling, but PM me if something you really want.

Sales permission granted on 04/07/11 by dakajojo
Community Feedback: HERE!

please wait for threads before posting

Update: Weevile, and bibrel lines have been taken off the table. sorry folks.

K folks. We're done here.

Tags: auction, sales, zukan
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