harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Early Reminder: Lots of Kids for sale + some gets

Hey guys, I know its quite soon (about a day) but a reminder for my sales which consists of lots of kids, plush and zukans. I'll try to reply asap. Also all items sold will be going out tomorrow including the GSC 1 Zukan GA and my display box pickups (Note: All sales from now on will only be shipped after my vacation - 1 half weeks as the PO is closed and im leaving tmr)

All other purchases have been shipped out

Also note I will be away from 12-21st December, and will not have internet access so dont mind if I don't respond to your comments

In summary this is what went into my sales post:

Click the following link or the picture to get there.

To make this post less boring, I'll end off with some gets:

My MIJUMARU Jumbo card all framed up and my new Hoenn Canvas Mug (Look for the rodents XD) thanks to denkimouse for the favour

Tags: kids, plush, sales, zukan
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