Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

Small sales

I'm doing some collection weeding to free more space.
Reduced prices on the goods :)

Please read before purchasing!
- I ship from Malaysia and will ship internationally.
- Payment is by Paypal (USD) only.
- Items come from a cat-friendly home and mostly used (unless stated)
- No holds as I want to ship items within end of this coming week.
- If no payments received after 24 hours, the item will go back on sale.
- I'm open to trades for official items only.
- I can combine shipping with my other anime goodssales.
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2010

Panpour, MWT   $18
Ducklett, MWT   $18
Pansear, all tags but hang tag detached   $16
Shaymin (Land forme), tush tag only, JPN version   $20
Chatot, tush tag only, JPN version   $25
Manaphy 2(rightmost of picture), no tags, very likely JPN version   $12

SOLD: Pansage, Manaphy (w/ tush tag), Ho-oh, Gizamimi Pichu

All MPC shown has both tags, but hang tag detached.
$15 shipped anywhere.
SOLD: Sewaddle

Prices including shipping
Arceus, MWT   $70
Snivy, all tags but hang tag detached   $60
Zoroark, all tags but hang tag detached   $55

MIB BW kids
$9 shipped each
Box will be flatten to ship

Female trainer dot sprite strap (never used but the package was damaged)   $8
Panpour strap (MIP)   $10
Scraggy charm   $5 SOLD!
Reshiram retsuden stamp   $5
Venipede kid (mint)   $6
Reshiram strap (keychain rusted)   $3
Free with any purchase - Lilligant TCG, Shiny legendaries & Zoroark sticker

Snivy lot (Chupa, ballchain, bathsoap figures)   $15
Shinx coin   $3
DS lite cover SOLD!
Garchomp coin is SOLD!

Wishlist, if you have any of the following items I'd be more than happy to trade :D
For plushes, I will only accept them having at least tush tag, hang tag is highly preferred and need not to be attached to the plush.
- Reshiram pokedoll
- Poliwhirl pokedoll
- Galvantula/Tynamo/Ferrothorn MPC plush
I might consider other plush or kids trades (not zukans or other figures)

My apologies for the low quality photos for I only have my mobile phone camera now :(

Thanks for looking!
Tags: pokedolls, sales
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