polkadotie (polkadotie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i choose you want list

Okie ;o; so haveing a horrible day long story short i lost like 100 bucks in an hour and i didnt get anything out of it ._______.;;;;; so yeah good time to shop worries away!!! so so so im looking for Whismur and Wailord items, for wailord though on the cheap side because i know his merch get pretty expensive ;o;~ maybe some pokemon time stuff though?

Here is my wants list http://polkadotie.livejournal.com/2044.html can look at all the goodies on there! i mostly dont have a ton of flats of whismur so if you do have a whismur just let me know ill take a look and see if i have it or not! theres probably tons of his stuff i dont have on there because i couldnt find it on google ^^

Oh! one thing im still looking for is whismur on a pokeball cell phone strap! its out there somewhere just ;o; hope i find it one day

OH! AND if you do customs comment as well id love some whismur customs <3

Thanks so much!!! <3
Tags: wailord, wanted, whismur
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