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Hey everyone!! My name is Erica and I just stumbled upon this community a couple of days ago. I'm overjoyed to know that there are so many poke-fans like myself still out there, so I decided to do a little introduction!
Let me see.. where to start...
I'm 18 years old and have been a fan of the series since 1998. Although my collecting has dwindled down since my early teens, I'm still an avid video gamer and enjoy playing the handheld games. My favorite thing to collect (on occasion) now are plushies (specifically pokedolls). :)
A pokemon fun fact: My favorite pokemon is Jolteon with my favorite type being electric. 

And now a few shots of my collection (it's not much, but I love it!)

Above: Some phone charms, magnets, and coins. (No idea how to rotate the image.. sorry!)

A closer look at the figures

Above: My plush dolls (and cat.. I couldn't keep him away). Kyogre and the mudkip keychain were bought back in 2004 at the Pokemon Center in NYC, while the Mystery Dungeon Squirtle and the Lucario were ordered from the old pokemon center website. (Squirtle was a preorder gift)

Old Burger King promotional items as well as the two Pokemon Fan magazines I own. (2004 Pokemon Colosseum, 10th anniversary edition)

And finally, for my wishlist:

I'm looking for two items for this holiday season. A Cyndaquil Pokedoll and a (hopefully reasonably priced..) Jolteon Canvas
Here are pictures of the two (randomly taken from google):

Also, I'm currently debating on whether or not to buy the cyndaquil canvas... That charmander has been looking more and more appealing to me.. Opinions?
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