Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Groundbreakers/metal figures auction reminder!

Hey all! Just a quick reminder that there less than 24 hours left on my Groundbreakers and Metal Figures auctions!

Venusaur TFG, Lairon TFG and Lapras TFG still have no bids and at the time of typing many of these incredibly rare figures will go for a steal! I am happy to discuss payment plans!

I recently acquired a new Groundbreaker that I can not wait to show the community. :D 15 more Groundbreaker "grails" to go...phew! 2011, what a crazy year. @_@ Now that we're approaching 2012, how did your collecting fare this year? I got most of my Groundbreakers this year, after years of pining after them - and my Pokemon Time pattern clearfiles and roller stamper collections grew too! I even discovered a couple of items I didn't know existed. ^^
Tags: auction, figures
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