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Meet-up possibility in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I come bearing news of a possible meet up for local community members in SoCal. :)

caffwin and I have been discussing this and think it would be really cool if we could get a group of Pokemon collectors together in Little Tokyo to dork out, shop, eat, and just have a good time.

I recently went to Little Tokyo and can assure people that there are Pokemon goods there, especially in Anime Jungle. They have quite a few new Banpresto plush and kids. I nabbed the movie version of Braviary, of which I don't mind bringing along. :3

It would be cool if people dressed in Pokemon attire (ie. shirts, hats, etc) and/or brought Pokemon items, like plush. They make for fun photo story opportunities. ;) A symbol of your main collection(s) is always a plus. This is entirely optional, btw. You don't need to bring a thing -- except yourself, of course -- if you don't want to.

We're planning the gathering for this coming Tuesday, the 13th, sometime in the early afternoon. We're not dead-set on a time yet, as that can be discussed amongst those who plan on going.

We hope to hear from a lot of you! :D
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