Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More sales and show me your boards!

Hello there!

I have updated my sales with more items, around 20 of them,and also reduced some prices, so go have a look! :)
Up for offers is the Banpresto Meganium plush MWT as well <3

Go here to my sales post: http://hebislilmarket.livejournal.com/1994.html

To not make this post super boring, is here somebody collecting some sheets they get from people when they buy from them? Some people do a little drawing to buyers as a thank you, and I use to keep most of them. Some may not have the drawing, but some come with cute papers. Here's where I keep my most favorite I have gotten (or depending on if I have the space, because now I sure don't :P), including some fanarts I have gotten from people in the community or DA:

That's it! Show me yours, I am very curious to see if you have board like this, or any other place where you keep your sheets! <3
Tags: collection, sales
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