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Looking for turtles!

Hey there all, I'm looking for a gift for my fiance. I'm gonna get him Skyrim but I also wanted to get him a new turtle for his collection. Wartortle specifically. He likes Squirtle too, but Wartortle is whom he really loves. So this is a shout out to anyone that has any Wartortle or Squirtle things as a backup that they'd like to sell. I'd rather on the cheap side as I'm already getting him a game. But I'm open to look at everything.

Also, no flats. He prefers plush and figures. He already has the Squirtle Walkie, Squirtle Pokedoll, the darker blue/green UFO plush, Wartortle earmuffs, tomys of both, a Squirtle keychain, and a Wartortle kid. Oh and US sellers only as I'd like to get the items in time for Christmas. :X

Thanks so much! ^____^

I also wanted to mention to those waiting on international packages from me. I'm so sorry they aren't out yet. My fiance's been working a lot more (retail) and hes usually gone before I wake up so I can't snag the car. But I promise next week I'll make sure that he lets me take it for a day so I can get the packages out. They are all ready to go, just need to be paid for at the PO. Sorry for that! :c All US packages are out because I get the mail lady to pick them up! :3
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