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Lot for Sale

I'm looking to sell this all as a lot, but would be willing to split up items. But preferably as a lot. XD

Granted sales permission on 10/15/11 by dakajojo
Shipping from Utah, USA
I will ship to anywhere!
Haggling is OK
I collect:

I'll accept trades for any merch related to the above Pokemon. I also like a lot of others so feel free to offer. :)
I'm not responsible for packages after they have been shipped. They're under the mercy of USPS!
I only accept Paypal.

Here are some more pictures of the lot:

Here are details of the items in the lot:

Pikachu backpack MWT
Pichu Jakks Tush tag only, good condition
Deerling Jakks MWT
Scraggy Jakks MWT
Snivy Jakks MWT
Snivy Jakks No tags but minty
Pansage Jakks MWT
Shaymin Toy Factory Tush tag only, minty
Charmander clip MIP
Pikachu clip MIP
Fan Rotom Battrio
Frost Rotom Battrio
Frost/Wash Rotom Battrio
Tepig McDonalds toy with Tepig card MIP
Zoroark McDonalds toy just displayed for a short amount of time
Zorua McDonalds toy just displayed for a short amount of time
Latias figure thing (has a hole on the bottom? Really unsure what it is)

I'm looking for 90$ shipped to anywhere in the US. I am willing to ship internationally but the shipping costs may change.

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions or inquiries just comment and I'll be happy to answer. :)
Tags: deerling, latias, pansage, pichu, pikachu, rotom, sales, scraggy, shaymin, snivy, tepig, zoroark, zorua
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