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Gauging Interest : Jakks Plush

I want to put up a sales post soon-ish, but it's not ready yet. :C However, I did find some newer Jakks plush and figured I'd ask if anyone is interested in any of them? I don't want to buy some that I don't particularly want and get stuck with them...

There's Scraggy, Zorua, Servine, Pignite, Pidove, Dewott, Deerling, Pidove and Munna (there are many Pidove)
They aren't exactly flying off the shelf, so I could see about getting some and putting them in my sales post. They'd be $8 plus whatever for shipping. They retail for a higher price than I expected...

I was happy I finally got Jakks Summer Deerling~ Here it is next to the MPC.

Just a shot of the old Pokemon ornaments. :] I still like to put them on the tree. I bought them, um, whenever Pokemon was super popular and they were making Pokemon everything.
* sorry none of the pics are very good as they're phone photos... :I
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