Don't press Alt & F4! (johtofire) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't press Alt & F4!

Mission briefing: Miju hunt

Good afternoon pkmncollectors. My code name today is Miju on a Mission, and as you may well know it changes daily, so you will recieve a new name for me tomorrow for my own safety.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find any large mijumaru (oshawott) plushes over 30cm and to sell them to johtofire. This will be easiest by charging under $35 shipped for them, although this could be hard for you due to thinking that it is worth more etc. You are doing this mission because she has recently become obsessed with the little cute fuzzy wuzzy little sad otter <3
She would prefer these models, although any will do in the right size/price range:

She accepts that the giant PC miju is definitely out of the question of this price range, but it's so pretty that IT DESERVES IT'S PICTURE HERE ANYWAYS)
So pkmncollectors, that is your mission for today. Should you choose to decline, you will have to hold in your conscience that thought of a little girl alone in bed at night in the dark with no miju to cuddle. Yes, a very bad sight indeed.

That is your mission brief. johtofire Miju on a Mission, signing out.
Tags: oshawott, wanted
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