vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

trades for plush

hey everyone. I have decided to stop collecting vaporeon as it is too pricey for me. So i am letting my things go (except my 2 OC plush and paperchildren) I am also letting go of the plush i have that i don't collect.

things i have for trade:
-pikachu jacket/hoodie from hottopic size medium
-vaporeon pokedoll (great condition, no hang tag but has tush tag)
-mini vaporeon plush made by sexualpancake on DA
-sandile jakks plush
-banpresto piplup
-BK oddish plush
-jolteon pokedoll (no hang tag, has a tiny hole i can sew up) ON HOLD
-flareon pokedoll (hang tag and tush tag)
-bootleg lugia ON HOLD

plush i would want:
-any blitzle (except pokedoll)
-any gothita
-ducklett pokedoll (might be getting)
-i would also accept any others you are wanting to get rid of just let me know what you have =]

i will add pictures in a little bit =]
Tags: wanted
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