Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Large plush for sale + last call for December shipping

Hey guys, long time no post! Real life is busy but I'm looking to clear some closet space with some gorgeous giant Pokemon plush for sale and offer :D All plush are as priced, or best offer around that price.

Lifesize Japanese Pokemon Center Snivy plush is for sale! Looking for $180 shipped(insured) in the US; $15 less than the cheapest one on ebay! Mint, kept new in plastic with all tags since its purchase in May 2011. I picked out the prettiest one they had in the Pokemon Center Tokyo.

Airgurumi Drifloon

10% of all sales until Dec 15 go to charity! New items and reduced prices are on Floaroma Pokemart since I advertised here last.
I won't be shipping out packages after the sales on the 15th, so get your orders in early!
Tags: drifloon, plush, sales, snivy, weavile
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