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Hey Guys!

So...I have some Pokemon DS/Cell phone charms for sale ^^ They are brand new and sealed in their plastic and balls (lol...) The only reason I have opened the ball was to take a picture of the actual charms instead of posting a stock image ^_^ Then along with some other stuff is under the cut (I am still looking for card trades, btw, which are listed under the cut as well)

Pikachu: $2.00
Turtwig: $2.00
Chimchar: $2.00
Riolu: $2.50

***SHIPPING for these will depend on your location***

Piplup $0.25
Lapras $0.75
Onix $0.25
Togepi $0.75
Clefairy $0.50

(mews sold)
Everything else = $0.50

(All are: Holo, RH rare, Promo or Rare) (At this time promos are *not* for trade, only sale)

Omastar (holo) - $2.00
Raikou x2 (p-holo) - $3.00
Entei (p-holp) - $3.00
Tangrowth (holo) - $2.00
Riolu (p-holo) - $3.50
Lickilicky (holo) - $2.00

Weavile (R.H.) - $1.50
Heracross (R.H.) - $1.50
Kabutops (holo) - $2.00
Vaporeon (p-holo) - $3.00
Flareon (p-holo) - $3.00
Buneary (p-holo) - $2.75

Walrein (R.H.) - $1.00
Bastiodon (R.H.) - $1.00
Minun (rare)x2 - $0.75
Cradily (holo) - $2.00
Claydol (R.H.) - $1.00
Minun (R.H.) - $1.50

Combusken (R.H.) - $1.50
Combusken (promo) - $0.50
Ditto (as Mr Mime, promo) - $0.50
Rampardos (promo, rare) - $1.00
Bidoof (promo) - $0.75
Zangoose (promo) - $1.00

Cacturne (rare) - $1.00
Weezing (rare) - $1.00
Exploud (rare) - $1.00
Absol (rare) - $1.25
Noctowl (rare) - $1.00
Igglybuff(rare) - $1.00

Cards I will trade for:

Holo Dialga from BASE DP, Rare Floatzel from BASE DP. ....I also need LvX Infernape and Empoleon (NON PROMO) but I doubt anyone would trade those xD

Holon Phantoms: (by number, if you need to know what card it is...ask ^^;)
1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 15, 99

Also cards from Japanese Neo 1

All of my cards are in near-mint/mint condition, so I would expect the same from a trade

***SHIPPING on cards/stickers/coins is $1.00 World Wide***

I hope to have a collection update...maybe in the next two weeks or so? Just wanted on a box from a friend of mine ^_^ and some awesome cards from various users on here =D

Also, obakehoshi, I am waiting on payment for the Caterpie cards ^_^ (I will be able to mail them at some point this week)

I also decided to buy a Tin on Friday night...just because xD No specific reason XD I got the Darkrai one simply because I like his promo the best *shrug*
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