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Oh my gosh, you guys.

12 NEW MINKY POKEDOLLS AT THE US POKEMON CENTER! *____________* I am still in shock!

And there are new figures. Eeeeeee!



This is the WA stock in case you are curious!

Blitzle - Minky
Scraggy - Minky
Litwick - Minky

Woobat - Uh... really fuzzy xD
Tympole- Minky
Vanillite - Minky

Gothita - Minky
Audino - Minky
Victini - Minky

Ducklett - Minky
Drilbur - Minky
Cubchoo - Minky

And a picture of Drilbur sitting upright, because it looks so cute. x3


And the following stock is still available!

Treecko (minky), Mudkip (a very soft velboa), Torchic (minky), Plusle (velboa), Minun (velboa), and Wobbuffet (also a very soft velboa)!

Skitty also came back and is available! (Forgot to take a picture)

The three monkeys~

Giant Reshiram and Zekrom are $21.89 before commission and shipping!

As for what used to be there, I forgot to get a concrete list but I think all that's available now are:

Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Munna, Musharna, Emolga, Minccino, Sandile (all Pokecenter Plush)

Okay, NOW information!

PhotobucketHere is a quick breakdown of the wishlist guidelines:
  • Comment on this post with the list of items you want and your zip/country. (You may get more than one of each!)
  • I will reply to your comment with your total and my payment info.
  • For efficiency's sake, I will be replying to the email address sent with the Paypal payment notice to let you know I shipped your order.
  • If you do not hear back from me within a couple of days, I might have missed your comment or it got buried in my Inbox, so please message me again!
  • Paypal credit card/bank transfer/balance/echeck payments are preferred!
  • I am open to taking money orders, checks, and cash provided your order is paid for prior to me purchasing your items, unless we work out something else - please comment stating you want to pay with one of these methods so we can work out details!
PhotobucketShipping costs:
  • To anywhere in the US, the total for 1 pokedoll with first class shipping AND tracking included is $17.82 - please comment with your location if you would like more than 1 for a custom shipping quote!
  • Please contact me for a custom shipping quote if you live outside the United States!
  • For insurance, signature confirmation, and (international) tracking: please specify if you would like any of these included in both your order comment and your payment!

Also, everything in my sales is $5. :D If you want to buy something with your pickup it will be added in at no extra shipping cost!

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