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Big Collection Update and Munchlax float vid for Ewokie

Hey Everyone,

Feels ages since I last posted here!

Finally got all my plush collection in one place and fully displayed :D

Well I think that is all of them, I still keep discovering random things since my move last year (!)
Notably missing from this pic is my Awex who was hiding under the bed, a Clefairy and Cyndaquill metal bell keyring and my Piplup plush ticket holder thing, all shown after the jump!  

Pictures..here we go..

I just love my hawaii, sailor and xmas pikas =^.^=

Anyone know what this piplup is for, it has a zip and a tiny little window for maybe a train ticket but no space to hold anything else, and it would be impossible to get the ticket out easily, and too small for a passmo/suica card? It confused me into buying it.

Munchy is my fav collection :]

Only noticed after taking the picture how (overly)friendly mudkips is!

I found this shoe hanger in a charity shop, and it was a novel way to try store things until I can get something more aesthetically pleasing!

Also just for ewokie I took some close ups and a video of my  

Munchlax Float




Thanks for looking anyone and I love comments :)
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