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Jolteon/Umbreon/Eevee Wants / Weeding Lot / Zukan Price Checks

Hi guys!

This post is going to be very multi-purpose XD


Just a quick couple of wants/pricing queries pertaining to some Eevee, Jolteon & Umbreon items <3 I don't think I can afford to buy all of these right now, but I've put a few up, knowing I probably won't find many of them right away.

None of the images in this wants list were taken by me, all found on either the pokemon plush project or by Google. If you see your image and you'd like me to take it down/credit you, let me know =) Thanks!

First of all, I really want to buy this Jolteon Friend's Plush, but I have no idea what it's worth @___@; I really don't want to commit to buying it until I know. Any ideas? =) I don't need the box, although it would be nice to have <3

Jolteon "Looking Up" Kid
Please throw me reasonable offers =)

Jolteon Round Charm + Jolteon Johto Charm
I'd like both of these. I have a round Glaceon I'd be willing to trade and both versions of Flareon I *might* be willing to trade, but I would rather just but them both. Let me know if you have one of these and how much you are asking =) Thanks!

Umbreon Round Charm 
I already have the Johto Charm, but I'm looking for the round charm to match it. Again, I'd be willing to trade the charms listed above, but buying is preferred.

Eevee Round + Johto Charms
I'd like both of these, and again, I'd be willing to trade my round Glaceon or *maybe* either Flareon. But I'd rather buy.

Jolteon Full Color Stadium Figure
This jumping pose please =) I just really love it. <3 

Umbreon Zukan Piece
I only really want Umbreon right now. Seen this come up a few times and missed it each time ^^;. I'd rather not buy the whole zukan.

I might be interested in other Umbreon, Eevee or Jolteon related figures/plush I don't own, but as it's so near Christmas, I can't get too crazy =) I do, however, get paid weekly, so if you have something you think I'll want and you're willing to do a week-long hold with or without a smaller deposit, do let me know!

Shipping will be to Australia! Please have shipping to me in all your quotes!

(I have sales permission from dakajojo back in June/July, I think?)

Also, I've had some space issues =__=;; I was going to put some of my collections in storage, but I wouldn't enjoy them that way, and it's going to be about a year before we can move to a bigger place, so I think I may just put them for sale in lots on the community. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be taking entire collections out of my shelves. 

This is the first lot is by far the largest, including Happinny and Piplip collections, some Zukans, Hasbro Beanies, Bootlegs, old Tomy figures, Johto Series Gacha phone straps, Jakks Plush, Banpresto, Kids, McDonalds, brand new Entei Bottlecap Figure, TCG (unpictured) a couple of Pokedolls etc. No idea what to ask for this lot, but as I'm in Australia, I'm increasingly concerned about the shipping costs, and whether or not I should take out the DX plush in order to save on that.

Although I'd be happy to sell individual items to anyone, Australian postage prices are pretty high. If you're willing to cover it, feel free to ask about anything pictured here of course =) Just keep in mind though - although I haven't been and checked yet, I think a DX plush would cost at least $30+ to ship to the US, just to give you some idea xwx; If this lot/chunks of this lot don't sell here, what ever remains will be going on ebay. 

If you're in Australia, feel free to make offers on individual items, and if you're in Melbourne, I can do meet-ups in the city for items/cash exchanges =D

I'll do a more thorough picture taking session when I list these properly LOL.

Other lots that will eventually be up for the chop include Snivy, Oshawott and possibly even some of my beloved Plusle and Minun collection!



I'm looking to value some zukans I own. =) These are small enough to be sent in an envelope and slip into the 'cheap' shipping range, even for international, so I'm just looking for some values, here.

1. Blue Tailed Smeagle
I've been told that the ones with red tails are common, green tails are uncommon and blue tails are rare. I don't like Smeagle and so honestly can't really appreciate this guy ^^; I just want a rough value so I know whether to throw him in with an ebay lot or to sell him separately. As you can see, he's in good condition with his peg and original base, only displayed since I bought him =) I can even include him with the Miltank, Stantler and Aipom figures form the same capsule if wanted =)

- No Picture -
2. Inflated Cheeks Croagunk Line Zukan
As luck would have it, although it was the only one in the whole set I really didn't like, I managed to get two of these in gachas, one of which is still MIP. Again, wanted to know if it's worth selling separately. I also have a normal cheeks one, but I know that's not worth that much.

3. Diorama Zukans
I'd like to keep this completed set, but I do have an extra zukan of both the Mantkye line and Buziel line parts of this (I don't have an extra Manaphy bit! ;o; ) Again, no idea if they're worth throwing in a lot or selling separate.Please keep in mind that the Buziel pieces include the water and the peg supporting the top bit and the Mantyke bits include the right most section of the ocean floor and both the pokemon in that line. What is NOT included in either of those is the central piece with the rock face and Manaphy.

Just one last note to say that I know some people are waiting on me for replies. My notifications don't always get through to my e-mail account, so I'm having to check for replies manually a lot of the time. =) So I will get back to you, please just be patient <3
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